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    Character / Environment / UI


    2.5D / 3D environment / Character


    2D/3D Animation

    Special effects

    2D / 3D special effects


    Why you choose us?

    Professional Team

    Most of art designers are from the famous art colleges, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Art Major of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music and Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA), etc. And our key designers have ever worked for many large and famous game projects, they are very experienced, skillful and professional.

    Efficient Teamwork and Quality

    At the strict deadlines, we make the race with time. In order to deliver the works on time, a project department is settled, in a efficient way to manage entire projects. Even in a rush time, we can still grantee the quality of every piece of work and each frame action.


    Since 2010, Myoogame have made lots of dedicated art works, we do believe we can help our clients to make the great games and success. In the future we will keep learning skills and keep our original startup mind to serve our customers.


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